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Gta Sa Hd Roads (2022)




Changed: Foundation. -Added: Main roads through the State, completed in 2007. -Removed: Highways. 2.4. Traffic and Transport Infrastructure 2.4.1. Roads 2.4.2. Public transport In contrast with that which I have shown with the road network, public transport in Anenco has not been developed. Its infrastructures have little importance. This public transport is mainly based on small passenger cars and mini-buses, by which trips are made in the neighborhood and with one to three persons. 2.4.3. Transportation Transportation in Anenco is based on the micro and macrobuses of the parish councils of Lumbreras, Aviles and Monte Albán. The parish councils are the ones that organize the trips. Microbuses It was the parish councils of Lumbreras, Aviles and Monte Albán that contributed to the repair of the public transportation network in the suburbs of Monte Albán. The parish councils use a network of micro-buses to take people around. In Anenco, these small mini-buses, similar to mini-vans, do not have longer routes and mostly run from one place to another through the neighborhoods of the suburbs, but they also have longer routes. There is no timetable. Micro-buses have a route that is close to the smaller ones. They pass through the street network of Anenco and Monte Albán, which is a road network that includes no streets or alleys. They also pass through the roads of the State, but only the main roads are used, and then almost all of them. The micro-buses of the parish councils do not have any timetable and use the following routes in their journeys: The micro-buses, on average, take about 1 or 2 hours to make the journey. In Monte Albán, there are seven mini-buses that have the capacity to make between four to six trips a day; however, only three of them are in use on most days. 2.4.4. Macro-buses To make a long journey, there are macro-buses in Anenco. These are public buses that are organized by the district of Monte Albán, in which they are registered. These buses can carry up to 70 people at the same time. There are two routes



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Gta Sa Hd Roads (2022)

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